Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mel Gibson won't be sharing his "View" with us anytime soon!

Ever since the release of the controversial recordings, Mel Gibson has been attempting to win back America's love. He's trying to get himself booked on any talk show that will have him in order to explain his side of the story. Yeah, good luck with that, Braveheart!

Joy Behar, host of "The Joy Behar Show" and co-host of "The View," told The Insider that, in spite of Whoopi Goldberg's "he's not really 'racist' racist" defense, Mel Gibson will not be welcomed to join the ladies on the couch anytime soon. She explains that Barbwa is a card-carrying Jew and is extremely offended by his remarks. She refuses to let him use her show to rebuild his reputation.

Joy also went on to say that she was surprised by Whoopi's defense of Mel. "But that's her position, and that's why it's called The View."

I wonder if he'll be appearing on "The Joy Behar Show"?

I've already advised Mel on the situation. I told him, "Mel"... I call him Mel... "Mel, all you have to do is get on TV and cry to a Michael Jackson song. Yeah, take the Chris Brown approach. You'll probably even be nominated for a BET Award. You just might want to avoid the 'N' word during your acceptance speech."

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