Thursday, July 8, 2010

12 Days until Cracky goes to jail!

And the countdown has begun!

Everyone's favorite little crackwhore was sentenced to 90 days! And I'm sure we're going to see a whole bunch of crazy before that long-awaited July 20th arrives.

Lilo has already sent out several tweets comparing herself to Iranian women who are stoned to death. She also keeps quoting the Bill of Rights. Yeah, Lilo, I'm sure that's exactly what the founding fathers in mind. Your over-privileged ass getting sent to the pokey for using your nose as a drug mule!

Lilo's lawyer is no longer representing her. Great! Another black person out of work!

Her enabling, orange mother finally decided to show up 2 days later crying about how unfair it all is!

Her douchebag father appeared on every talk show that would have him. Judge Marsha didn't even want to hear from you; what makes you think that Larry King wants to listen to you run your fucking mouth?

Kim Kardashian is sending a muffin basket. And rumor has it that Lilo enjoys a good muffin.

It's all sooooo goddamn stupid that I can't talk about it anymore. Ok, ok. I can't talk about it anymore TODAY. The countdown will definitely continue here on Celebrity Gloryhole!

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