Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's another day, so here's your obligatory Lindsay Lohan post!

Lindsay Lohan is already auctioning off her 1st post-incarceration interview to the press; and she says she won’t even consider doing it for less than $1 million.

That little crackwhore is crafty… crafty, indeed! First, she convinces the court to allow prescription drugs while on probation. Prescription drugs that include: Zoloft, Ambien, Adderall, Trazodone and Dilaudid, an extremely powerful painkiller that is said to be more powerful than morphine. If any of you remember a little film called “Drugstore Cowboy,” that’s the drug that the junkies were trying to heist from various pharmacies throughout the movie. It’s sort of well known among pill heads that when one mixes an opioid such as Dilaudid with Adderall, well, the expression, “tripping balls,” doesn’t even cover it. Sneaky… Sneaky.

Now, as she’s quickly approaching bankruptcy, she gets herself incarcerated for… Let’s face it! Paris Hilton went away for less than 90 minutes. Lindsay is going away for 3 days max!... And she’s going to profit $1 million as well as get a shit-ton of free press for her upcoming Linda Lovelace movie.

For $1 million, I’d let you lock me up in a cell with Charles Manson and Mike Tyson for the full 90 days! Hell! I’d even pick up the soap for one of them for $1 million!

Say what you want about our little Lilo; but that glassy-eyed whore is fucking smart!

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