Monday, July 12, 2010

Really? These two AGAIN!?!

America's sweetheart, Mel Gibson, is back in the news again today. It seems that he and his lawyers are trying to convince the judge in their custody battle to hold Oksana Blah,blah,blah in contempt for releasing audio recordings to the press. Oksana claims that she didn't release the tapes and she has no idea how got hold of them.

Those Ruskies are tricky! Just give it up, Mel. You're never going to win this one. Those Russian spies in Jersey were here for over 30 years before anyone noticed or cared... C'mon, it's Jersey. Let the goddamn Russians have it. And haven't you ever seen an episode of "Rocky & Bullwinkle"? That Boris and Natasha... sneaky... really, really sneaky.

And let's break down what we heard on those recordings, shall we?

Mel Gibson doesn't like Jews, Mexicans, African-Americans and women with fake boobs. So, basically what we've learned is that Mel Gibson hates everyone in L.A.!

I can respect hating minorities. Who doesn't? But fake boobies? What a fuckin' sicko!

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