Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Obama Finally Addresses The Nation's Most Annoying Public Nuisance... Elisabeth Hasselbeck!

Guess who's dropping by to chat it up with the ladies from "The View"? Well, isn't it obvious? It's our Commander in Chief, Barack Obama.

Although several have made appearances on late night television, Obama will go down in history as the first sitting president to have ever appeared on a daytime talk show. Good get, Barbwa!

He will be appearing on Thursday's episode... probably in between a 10-year-old tight rope walker and a man who makes flower arrangements from fruit. Barbwa will also be in attendance, her first since her heart surgery in May.

He plans on discussing the oil spill in the Gulf and what's really being done about our struggling economy.

Oooooh... I bet Hasselbeck is simply twitching in anticipation!

How fabulous would it be to see a split-screen argument between Obama and Hasselbeck, much like that of the Rosie vs. Elisabeth split-screen.

This truly could be our opportunity to get rid of her! Barbwa's not going to put up with a "Survivor" contestant disrespecting our nation's leader. Well... maybe if she had won... but she didn't even win, for Christ's sake!

I hope that whore isn't all well-behaved and quiet like she is when Michelle co-hosts. I want to see a smack-down... which ultimately results in Hasselbeck's termination, of course... but I definitely need an Obama/Hasselbeck smack-down in my life!

Uuurrrgh! As much as I hate "The View," I guess I have to watch. Or maybe, I'll just catch the highlights with Joel McHale on "Talk Soup" later that evening. Nah, even if there's no actual smack-down (sigh), I have to experience the uncomfortable tension for myself. I have to watch as Hasselbeck struggles to hold her tongue while Barbwa leers from across the table.

How much you want to bet that Whoopi asks the Prez something about medicinal marijuana? Then, they'll exchange that look that only black people can do. Just sayin'...

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