Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is this the part where you carve your name into his leather seats?

Kelly Osbourne has officially split from her fiance, Luke Worrall, after a 16-month long engagement.

Kelly has made it very clear through her Twitter and Facebook that her fiance, Luke Worrall, recently cheated on her. She has officially called off the engagement, and her final tweet on Wednesday read, "Luke Worrall makes me sick!"

No real details of the infidelity have been given, but c'mon... Look at him! Does anyone really think that he slept with another "girl"? That guy is gayer than Richard Simmons at a Clay Aiken concert, for penis' sake!

Kelly, it's a tough lesson to learn, but I think Chelsea Handler said it best. "If it quacks like a duck and sucks dick like a duck, chances are... it's a great, big faggot." (She was teasing Jo Koy when she said that, btw.)

Kelly, I like you, and I hope you find someone out there who will appreciate you not for your money but instead for your great, big, juicy vagina! Good luck with that, guuurrrl!

Oh and PS... I believe "Waiting to Exhale" is on STARS tonight.

UPDATE: Here's the latest tweet from the littlest Osbourne.

OMG! She's so upset that she can't use punctuation! Stay Strong, Kelly, stay strong!

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