Friday, July 23, 2010

Democrats Say The Darndest Things! And Republicans Don't Laugh!

Kathy Griffin says she is "in heaven" this week. She's been featured on every news network, called scum on "The View," vilified on FOX; and last night, she dropped by "The Joy Behar Show" to gloat about it all.

On last week's episode of "My Life on the D-List," Kathy went to Washington to lead a protest against the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy. I don't know how much good it did. C'mon. How many law makers are actually influenced by "My Life on the D-List"? But it certainly made for a great episode, and it even stirred up a bit of publicity for our favorite fag hag comedienne.

While being prepped for her tour of Washington, Kathy made a joke about Senator Scott Brown... well, actually Scott Brown's daughters. She jokingly called them prostitutes. Here, take a look...

Obviously, a joke, right!?!

Well, Scott Brown and various Republican pundits were outraged. Really!?! Over that? Has it really come this? Republicans just have absolutely no sense of humor!?!

The day after the episode aired, the ladies on "The View" had a few things to say about the incident, especially Elisabeth Hasselbeck...

Do you remember when Whoopi Goldberg was likeable and funny? Elisabeth Hasselbeck has always been a rancid bitch... Seriously, she's never been funny or likeable in any possible way. Cancer take her now!... But "The View" is so fucking annoying that it's even made me hate Sister Mary Clarence!

Also, did anyone else notice that the disclaimer was missing from the clip shown on "The View"? The disclaimer was also missing when the clip was shown on "Bill O'Reilly" as well. Interesting.

But Kathy is taking it all in stride... Ok, she's actually reveling in it!

"Yes, whenever a statement is issued against me, I'm in heaven, I feel my next special is half written for me, and then I get to read statements aloud in my live shows, which you can go to and see the many, many cities I've picked up for my current tour."

Here's a bit of the transcript from "The Joy Behar Show" last night...

JOY BEHAR: Now, you got in some trouble for your own, on your own-

KATHY GRIFFIN: I love it. Yes.

BEHAR: -over something you said on a recent episode of My Life on the D List.

BEHAR: Okay, now whose idea was the disclaimer?

GRIFFIN: Gee, I wonder, Bravo Legal?

BEHAR: But that was you. Wasn’t that your voice?

GRIFFIN: Well, I loved doing the voice over. The voice over is hysterical, in my opinion, and Emmy-worthy. Look, here’s the deal. The genesis of the joke, like, does anybody remember that the night he was elected, he made a joke – he was clearly making a joke – saying, "By the way, my daughters are available." And then, the Washington press beat up on him saying he was pimping out his daughters. So, on My Life on the D List, we actually had some real, you know, Washington insiders showing me, like, 15 pictures of people on the Hill, et cetera, and my joke was I didn’t know who they were. So they showed me a picture of Sonia Sotomayor, and I say, "Oh, the maid from Will and Grace." There’s the joke. Then they show me Scott Brown, and I go, "His daughters are prostitutes," meaning, like, word association. So people got their panties in a bunch-

I thought it was funny. I actually thought calling Sonia Sotomayor "the maid from will & Grace" was brilliant! Ahahahaha!

I don't see what everyone is getting so worked up about. Perhaps, one should develop a thicker skin before entering politics... or perhaps, a sense of humor.

After all, it was only short time ago when the same outraged media personalities were attacking Scott Brown for his pictorial from Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Anyone remember this?

I laughed.

I really think Elisabeth's comments were fueled by a verbal confrontation that she and Kathy had earlier this summer on "The View."

Kathy has been making the rounds on talk shows discussing what is being referred to as "The Kathy/Elisabeth Smack-Down."

I can't lie. I still watch it AT LEAST once a day.

I'm glad that this incident is working in Kathy's favor. It's been a great season of "D-List." And I'm sure she's gathering enough controversy for a second book.

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