Friday, July 9, 2010

Haha! Mel Gibson is really freakin' funny! Part deux.

Seriously, I love this guy! He is truly the gift that keeps giving. He's racist, he's drunk. He sounds like someone I would bump into at my own family reunion!

Two days after the story broke concerning Mel Gibson's racist, violent recordings, Mad Max's attorney denied the allegations or even the existence of the tape. He responded by saying, "I have no comment on, and furthermore no knowledge of, the credibility or authenticity of any alleged audio tapes."

Well, well, well. "Ask and ye shall receive." (I learned that little tidbit from a little snuff film called, "Passion of the Christ.") This sound bite has been circulating internet gossip sites all afternoon. Have a listen!

UPDATE: Talent agency, William Morris, just dropped Mel Gibson due to leaked audio recordings. Fuckin' Jews!

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