Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm calling off from work today! I've come down with a terrible case of Bieber Fever! (and it itches worse than crabs!)

That little shit, Bieber, is everywhere! As of today, Justin Bieber's "Baby," his duet with Luda, is the most watched video in YouTube history.

He has surpassed Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," the former record holder, and even the "Charlie bit my finger" bit with his 246 million views on Friday afternoon.

Wait, wait, wait! You mean to tell me that more people have watched this little shit dance around a bowling alley than have watched "Two Girls, One Cup"!?! Huh! Crazy world!

The 16-year-old star thanked his "Beliebers" on Twitter. "What is goin on with the 'Baby' video on YouTube is crazy ... I started on YouTube so the support ... well I just need to say, thank u."

Beliebers? They call themselves Beliebers? Really? Uuuuugh!

"Baby, Baby, Baby, Ooooooh!" Congratulations, Biebs! Fame is fleeting. Enjoy it now! I fear that puberty is going to hit you harder than Chris Brown hit Rhianna. Sure, your singing career will stall a bit, but you'll be able to masturbate like 6 hours a day! Trust me, it's a fair trade.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am happy to post for you the most watched video on YouTube...

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  1. all you can do for a case of Bieber Fever is comb your pubic hair all to one side and apply a topical ointment of some sort.