Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kimmy Gibbler!

Sure, it's Tom Cruise's birthday; it's Yeardley Smith's birthday (Lisa Simpson); it's even Betty Buckley's birthday (bat-shit crazy Broadway diva). But guess what was on the front page of the Gibbler Gazette today! That's right, TGIF viewers! Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber) turns 34 today! 34! And I bet she's still just as fucking annoying! Happy Birthday, Kimmy Gibbler! You were the stupidest character on the stupidest show ever on television... ok... maybe, 2nd... I'm awarding "stupidest character" to Jon Stamos's 1st and 2nd season mullet... but I'm very proud of you for being the only girl on that show that turned out ok. Stephanie went on to build a meth lab in her basement, Michelle killed Heath Ledger and DJ continues to be related to Kirk Cameron. But you, my dear lady, became a term on "Kimmy Gibbler: (noun) When one refuses to leave after a one-night stand, even when asked nicely." Now, that's an honor and an accomplishment that I can respect. Happy Birthday, Kimmy Gibbler! I really, really hope you're doing tequila shots with Dave Coulier right now!

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