Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey, Paris! It's 420 somwhere!!!

On Friday, bloggers and various celebrity gossip sites nearly broke their asses trying to be the first to report that Paris Hilton was detained for questioning at The Figari Airport in Corsica. Reports claimed that an airport drug-dog detected marijuana in one of her bags... one of her many, many, many bags.

Sure, this information comes from unconfirmed sources. In fact, I personally read it on a gossip site that was featuring a story about a woman who had sex with a man in exchange for her hair weave that particular day. Sure, it may not exactly measure up to the journalistic integrity The Huffington Post, but it's good enough for me!

Sources say that she was questioned for approximately 30 minutes, but due to the minuscule amount of pot, she was let go without even a stern lecture.

Paris, of course, denies the entire incident even happened. But I believe it! She has to smoking something. That level of sheer retardation simply can not be natural!

I know I'll be referencing this incident the next time I'm thrown out of a Hilton lobby for smoking some herb out of a homemade apple pipe.

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