Friday, July 16, 2010

Mama's Still Got It! Now, Give Her a Damn Reality Show!!!

Liza with a Z is making a comeback!!! "I hate that word! It's a return!"

(Note for all of my heterosexual readers (all 2 of you): That is a famous Norma Desmond quote from "Sunset Boulevard.")

Anyway, Ms. Minelli got a few Percocet and highballs in her and went onto HSN to hock her self-designed, sequin-covered pajama bottoms a few weeks ago; and now, her career is hotter than ever!

Her agents are currently fielding offers for a reality show, a sitcom and even a hosting gig on SNL. And just look what SNL did for Betty White. I, personally, vote for the reality show! Reality show, reality show, reality show!... Well, unless she is playing a highly inappropriate, foul-mouthed grandmother in that sitcom. I'll settle for that, as well. After all, She was terrific as Lucia II on "Arrested Development" a few years back. (Just another little nugget for the heterosexual readers. They generally have no clue who Liza is unless one mentions "Arrested Development.")

Up until June 30th, I think we had forgotten how funny and charming she really is. Oh, don't get me wrong, she's a big box of crazy. But even that makes her that much more intriguing.

So, she likes to do a few pills and toss back a bottle of whatever's handy! Who doesn't? She's still Liza, and she's still funny and crazy as hell!

She was hysterical in "Sex And the City" part duh! She was bat-shit crazy on Kathy Griffin's "My Life on the D-List." And now, the HSN appearance is simply reminding people in the industry that Mamma's still got it!

Here's the HSN clip that started it all...

Who's buying these clothes, by the way. What suburban housewife is attending PTA meetings in silk Arabian pants, a sequin dinner jacket and a turban? Seriously? The jewelry is cute, but who in the hell else but Liza Minelli can pull off these clothes?

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