Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Doogie!

Oh my, my... how they grow! Our little Doogie Howser is turning 37 today! 37!!! I hope Wanda and Vinnie are throwing you one hell of a party... with plenty of soft food that you can safely chew. Seriously, god bless you, Neil Patrick Harris. You wear gay face well. So freakin' funny... so freakin' talented! That little shit, Kevin Arnold, has nothing on you! Happy Birthday, Doogie.

Other important birthdays today: our little cougar, Monica, Courtney Cox is 46 (I know!), Helen Hunt is 47 (She makes me want to be a better person) and a woman who never fails to make me laugh, Julie Hagerty is 55 (Airplane!, What About Bob?, Noises Off!) It's a beautiful day! Happy Birthday, ladies.

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