Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Is The Biebs The New Lindsay Lohan???

Over the course of just a few days, this photo of Justin Bieber has been featured on more gossip blogs than Britney Spears' twat!

The headlines have been reading: "Is Justin Smoking Pot?, Has The Biebs Turned To Weed?, Has Bieber Gone To Pot?"

Uuummm... First of all, amateurs, that is not a bowl. That is a crack pipe. So, no, the Biebs has not taken up horticulture as a hobby.

And I can not tell a lie. My heart swelled with glee at first sight of this picture. I would like nothing more than to report to you that Justin Bieber is now a big crack whore. But it is simply not so, gloryhole readers. :( That's the first emoticon I've ever used in my entire life, btw. I think their use should be limited to 12-year-old girls and the mentally disabled; but I felt the disappointment of the Biebs not becoming a crack whore called for a frowny face.


Justin Bieber was photographed while he was filming an episode of CSI. He plays a high school drop-out turned drug addict. Then... I don't know... he probably gets raped or kills a hooker or something... Isn't that what happens on every episode of CSI? I just hope his hair doesn't get pushed back away from his forehead. Now, that really would be a crime!

His appearance on CSI also explains this leaked photo of the Biebs in invisible handcuffs from last week.

Invisible handcuffs!?! Who in the fuck arrested him!?! Wonder Woman?

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